New York, NY, USA

The App That Helps You Make a Social Impact

Now nearly a year into COVID, we could not be more in need of collaborative ways to engage with each other and do good in our local communities. Many of us are yearning for change, connection, and a desire to help others. 

CLUSTER is a social impact platform that empowers users to create, share, and aid the causes and issues that matter most to them and turn that passion into action through impactful engagement. On the platform you can easily discover the local activities around you, the events your friends are attending, and join the cause by volunteering your time (and passion, of course).

CLUSTER makes it easy to join volunteer activities in your local community and connect with like-minded activists who are passionate about the same causes as you. There's also a section that rewards you with badges for unlocking achievements such as posting photos and videos, creating clusters, or checking in to volunteer activities.

Stand for something meaningful and be a part of a platform and movement that is changing and inspiring minds every day. CLUSTER is now available for download on the Apple store here.


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