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Favorite Sustainable Silk Pieces for Every Occasion

Within the past year, the silk slip dress has started to receive the recognition it so sorely deserves. Few pieces can be as simple, chic, and versatile, making it the perfect wardrobe staple. 

Sustainable Silk Pieces

Whether you intend to wear your silk dress bare shouldered in the summer, or paired with a sweater for fall, it’s hard to go wrong. Finding great silk dresses and other silk pieces shouldn’t be time consuming, so we’ve rounded up our favorites for you. You’ll feel even better knowing your piece is not just beautiful but sustainably made as well!

Silk is a natural fiber and is considered a renewable resource that is highly sustainable, both socially and environmentally and is completely biodegradable. Please note that silk is not an option for vegans. If you follow a vegan life and are looking for silk options check out this list of 5 vegan silks.


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